welcome vikings!

At Lorna Byrne Middle School we strive to construct a rich and vibrant learning environment for our students AND retain that special sense of community. Our focus is for every child to feel and stay connected, be challenged by new information and experiences and to know they have a champion they can turn to.

Positive, healthy communication is the cornerstone of any successful community or endeavor and we are committed to strengthening our connections with our Viking families.

The Illinois Valley is a dynamic community; if you want to be involved and don't know how, ask. We can connect you. Reach out, we'll be here to help however we can.

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We are excited for full time in-person classes for all grade levels! See Superintendent Dave Valenzuela's welcome back message below and help us to keep our school doors open. Be safe, be strong, #Be3.

Danny Pratt, Principal

John Seidel, Assistant Principal

Sandy Madden, Office Manager

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5th Grade
1st Period 8:45-10:31
2nd Period 10:31-12:21
ELO 12:21-12:36
LUNCH 12:40-1:10
3rd Period  1:14-3:00
4th Period 3:03-3:55

6th-8th Grades
1st Period  8:45-9:36
2nd Period  9:39-10:31
3rd Period  10:34-11:26
ELO 11:27-11:42
LUNCH 11:44-12:14
4th Period 12:18-1:10
5th Period 1:13-2:05
6th Period 2:08-3:00
7th Period 3:03-3:55